The world isn’t mine to do with as I wish At the NEC show there was a challenge to eat a sour sweet. Tom Barnes took this image. As a photographer it made me laugh as my eyes are closed, I liked the irony of the photograph within the context of the website. 

The artists thoughts...

The aim of the work, art through photography.

Poetic and aesthetic, beautifully crafted and presented, uncomplicated and uncompromising.

On these pages you shall witness, the creation of the art, the photographs, the landscapes, that moved me and which became my inspiration, my muse.

Creating, within the creation, is and always will be the greatest of inspirations.

Self taught, with a passion for art, the work, bridges the gap, between traditional art and photographic print. 

I hope to do justice, to the wonders of nature and will always strive, to display the work, in a manner, which everyone, no matter their age, can appreciate and understand.

Art is for everyone. 

Andrew Wilkie




Artistic endeavour is always a risk. It is a mix, between pushing the boundaries to create something new, but in the same moment, to create something of aesthetic value and which can be recognised and loved by the viewer.

I take risks artistically and physically to create the best compositions. It is important for the viewer, to feel the love, which was imported into the piece, at the time of the creation.

The work is not just a representation, it represents a feeling of "being there" and the emotions felt by the artist, while in the process of the creation.


Subject matter is not the issue. Looking for new and interesting work to present, is always a driving force behind the work. The excitement of discovering a new location, is always a thrill, which I can always thrive from, so expect more work in the future. 


I would like to diversify and photograph mountain ranges, waterfalls, seascapes, deserts, the range is limitless, it is really a matter of time and budget. However the challenge of capturing East Anglia sets me in good stead for any future challenges.